Ultimate Guide: How To Register For Zenith Internet Banking

Ultimate Guide: How To Register For Zenith Internet Banking
How To Register For Zenith Internet Banking

If you want to know how to register for Zenith internet banking you are in the right place. Do you remember your last experience in the bank? Can recall how you had to join the long queue and wait on your turn? You necessarily do not need to go through all that stress before you can perform your different transactions. With the internet you can get your activities done in a short and stress free many right from your bed.

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The internet has made banking easier than ever before. With your internet connection, you could relegate all your financial transactions to only an occasional visit to the ATM machine or even a POS machine. The days of having to compulsorily visit the bank to get your money around are over. By using the Zenith Internet Banking you can easily subscribe into this hassle-free life.

Zenith Bank is one of the leading banks in Nigeria and what they are known for is their ability to move with time. The bank has chosen to evolve by using and leveraging the advantage of technology to the fullest. With over 500 branches across Nigeria and their headquarters in Lagos, Zenith does regulate their banking services to the walls of the physical bank.

Currently ranked 6th place among all the banks in Africa, Zenith Bank is on the mission of providing globally recognized financial services. Zenith Bank prides themselves in providing innovative, recent and effective Information Communication Technology (ICT). The bank carefully distinguishes itself with quality customer service that is unique in its ways that guarantees customer satisfaction. 

The financial needs of customers are increasing by the day. Now, people have to get across money abroad through fast and quick means. They want to conveniently transfer funds to any part of the world right at their convenience. Zenith Bank is very up to this task as they continually improve on their capacity to be able to meet the diverse needs of their customers. No wonder in 2012, they got rated as the Best-Customer Focused Bank in Nigeria. 

Knowing how to register for Zenith internet banking would be a major turnaround for your financial activities. You would be able to enjoy convenient banking that is based on your own terms regardless of wherever you are. However, it is sad that the percentage of people that know how to effectively use this internet banking is low.

Regardless of any relief or advantages that one could get in life, especially in the aspect of finance, if you lack the knowledge of how to register for Zenith internet banking, your financial ability would be limited. It is not enough to know that there is Zenith internet banking. Neither is it enough to recognise the benefits that comes with using it. What would make a difference is if you actually use the banking service and discover for yourself the wonders therein.

The Zenith Internet Banking is divided into different plans which gives you a wide range of services to choose from. You can easily make a choice between what suits your personal, business or preferences. Considering that Zenith thinks exclusively about their customers, you would get all of your financial needs met with their internet banking system.

Before we go ahead to show you how to register for Zenith internet banking, let’s begin by explaining the different types of Zenith’s online banking platforms.

2.0. Zenith’s Online Banking Platforms 

Zenith’s variety of online banking platforms helps to increase user productivity and efficiency. If properly used and leveraged upon, you can begin to birth out great results because you can effectively track your finances.

2.1. Personal Internet Banking

How To Register For Zenith Internet Banking
Personal Internet Banking

With the aid of Zenith’s personal internet banking, with ease, you can download documents and forms on the bank’s different services and products. By using the platform, you get real-time balances on your account that you are able to view. To cap it all, you can even download your own account activity for the purpose of proper documentation.

What are the benefits of using Zenith’s Personal Internet Banking?

  • Effective Account Management 

The major characteristics that any financially intelligent person needs for great financial planning is an effective account management system. Zenith bank offers you this with it’s easy documentation process, it makes account management a piece of cake. You can easily download your account activity for future purposes or accountability.

  • All-Day Banking Services 

The natural hours of a bank is between 8am to 4pm in the evening. This naturally relegates all your banking activities to a particular time frame. It limits your possibilities in getting your financial activities done at any time especially at your own convenience.

Using Zenith’s personal banking system would allow you to perform all your transactions any time in the day. This platform functions on a 24-hour basis.

  • Straightforward Transactions 

Zenith’s personal internet banking system is exceptional for its ability to help you make straightforward financial transactions. You can easily transfer funds between your accounts, request cheque books and pay your utility bills. All this can be achieved by just downloading the form or visiting any of their branches.    

2.2. Corporate Internet BankingHow To Register For Zenith Internet Banking

Are you a corporate organisation? Perhaps, a school, church or political party and you want to know how to register for Zenith internet banking? This is for you. The corporate internet banking platform is a one that aids its users to secure e-payments of any kind and internet banking activities. On this platform you can track your trade transactions and administer payroll. Regardless of wherever your customers are in the world, your payments would reach them. 

What are the benefits of Zenith’s Corporate Online Banking?

  • Make Payments To Anywhere In The World 

One of the major drawbacks of the financial system in Nigeria is the inadequate provisions for a banking system that allows easy payments abroad. However, Zenith tackles this problem with its corporate online banking that serves this purpose effectively. 

  • Convenience

Technology’s major aim is to make your activities and living as a whole extremely convenient. Zenith’s powerful Information Communication Technology(ICT) system makes it possible for the users of its internet banking platform to enjoy utmost convenience.

  • User-friendly 

This internet banking system is very easy to use and leverage upon. With it you can make stress-free transactions, confirm or stop cheques, pay import duty, issue drafts etc. The possibilities present in this banking system are enormous and they are even crowned with a user-friendly system that gives great customer experience.

How To Register For Zenith Internet Banking

To know how to register for Zenith internet banking, follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Download the form

If you want know how to register for Zenith internet banking, go to www.zenithbank.com to download and print the application form. The form requires that you fill your account name, account number, e-mail address and other personal details. It also clearly states out that you read the electronic agreement.

STEP 2: Get the Service Agreement 

The service agreement is a 6 page agreement that includes the definition of specific terms and an explicit presentation of customer requirements. It is basically a document filled with instructions on how to effectively use Zenith’s services without any complications.

STEP 3: Submit Your Form And Agreement 

After filling out the details needed in the form, submit both the form and agreement to the nearest Zenith bank branch around you. 

STEP 4: Wait for your response 

Zenith bank does not make you wait till eternity before you get a response. In 24-48 hours your response is sent to you including your login details. You can go to the branch where you submitted the form to get the pouch yourself.

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Zenith Mobile App

In addition to knowing how to register for Zenith internet banking, having a mobile application of your bank is an easy way to get your transactions going. Zenith’s mobile application has 4.2 out of 5 stars on the play store app. The application is notable for its update features that are developed based on customer reviews and suggestions. 

However, this application has been accused of automatically logging out after use though it is the bank’s way of effecting security. The mobile app is fast, efficient, user-friendly and very secure for all of your financial transactions. With this application, you can even set your transfer limits. 

By using this application, you can easily transform your smartphone to a formidable banking tool. You do not need a teller or deposit slip to make your transactions, all you need is your phone and a little data. With these two components you can get your financial activities going within a short time. 

Zenith’s mobile app combines two great applications: Mobile Banking and eaZymoney. With it’s dual functionality, this mobile app allows you to view any kind of account be it savings, current, fixed deposit, domiciliary etc. Regardless of your account type, this mobile application has got you covered. 

Apart from that, the mobile app uses a high class security system to keep your details away from fraudsters or scammers. It is protected by a two-factor authentication which is a password and a mobile PIN. With both, you need not worry about having your details intercepted by another. 

How To Register Your Zenith Mobile Application 

Now that you have learnt how to register for Zenith internet banking, it would be also useful for you to know how to register your Zenith mobile application.

STEP 1: Download the application 

Use play store to download Zenith’s mobile application on your android phone. 

STEP 2: Create a password and mobile PIN

The password is a 6 digit numeric number system that is used to secure your financial transactions.

STEP 3: Enter your PIN and TOKEN

For authentication, you need to enter your phone pin and token as a further way of safeguarding your details.

STEP 4: Enter your details 

Put in all your details including your account number, password and your login page details.


In this post, you have learnt how to register for Zenith internet banking. We would be glad to help you if you still have any other queries.

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